Basic Enlargements and reprints up to 8×12 are done on Kodak’s best pro photo paper, from digital files or film (35mm or 120). They are color corrected, density adjusted, and spotted for dust. Minimal cropping. Choice of borders includes thin, borderless, and sloppy black. Additional prints are for the same image.

 Size 1st ADD’L
10  20 50 100
4×6 (or smaller)  1.95 1.10  .85  .63  .53  .43
5×5  3.50 1.80 1.45  .95  .75  .65
5×7  8.00 4.25 2.75 1.45 1.20 1.05
8×10 11.00 6.50 4.25 2.45 1.95 1.40
8×12 13.00 7.50 4.75 2.75 2.20 1.65


Custom Enlargements from film or digital files. Extra time and attention are given to these prints in order to achieve a better print quality on traditional color Kodak paper. Includes any of the following: custom cropping, fine tuned density and color balancing, dodging, burning, contrast and saturation controls, matching existing prints, as well as small photoshop tweaks and minor retouching.


 Size 1st ADD’L
4×6, 4×5, 5×5  6.95  2.25
5×7 13.00  6.50
8×10 or 6×8 on 8×10 18.00  8.50
8×12 21.00 10.50


For Information and prices on larger prints see the Larger Archival Giclee Prints page


Getting Your Files To Us

If possible please come into the store with a flash drive or CD that has your digital files on it, that way we can look at your images with you and do any cropping, resizing, or other miscellaneous adjustments that we need to do. If you’re unable to come into the store you can email your files to us at or use WeTransfer file transfer service. Here is a link to WeTransfer: If you email files to us please  include your name, phone number, if you would like your image to have a border or be borderless, the sizes, and the quantities of each file.