Roll Film (35mm and 120)

Each roll is carefully processed using well maintained and monitored quality processing equipment.  Your negatives are returned to you in archival negative perservers. Pro Proofs are made with film in direct contact with paper.

  Regular With Scans
Develop B&W Film Only – no proofs or scans (35mm or 120) 9.50 20.50
Scans of Whole Uncut B&W Rolls 11.00
8.5×11 Traditional Contact Sheet 13.50
8.5 x 11 Pro Proof or Loose Negatives Proof sheet 15.00 

Develop and Contact proof 8.5×11 for 35mm or 120 B&W film

 19.50 28.50
Snip Test  6.00
Special Processing (push,pull, special time or developer or dilution) Add 5.00 per roll  
Tech Pan Film or Recording Film Add 25.00 for 1st roll