Film Processing

Each roll is given the careful treatment it deserves including archival sleeving. Please scroll down for scanning or process and proofing options.

Film Type and Size  Per Roll
Color Negative Film (C-41) 35mm or 120   8.50
Color Negative Film (C-41) 220 13.50
B&W Film Processing Only 35mm or 120*   9.50
B&W Film Processing Only 220 15.50
E-6 Color Transparency Processing Unmounted  35mm or 120 (Mounted add 1.50) 11.00
Digital Contact Sheet from Color or B&W 35mm or 120 13.50
Combination of B&W Film Development and True Contact Sheet 19.50
Contact Sheet of Loose or Older Negatives 13.50

*B&W standard processing, non-push, etc. For special film processing such as pushing or pulling add an additional $5.00 per roll.

Film Scanning

Includes a CD and an Index print for each roll. (scroll down for prices on single film strips and high res scans of individual negatives)

Basic Scans for 35mm are high quality jpegs of approx 12-15 MB size, (for 35mm)

For Emailing Scans add 3.00 per Batch

 Whole uncut rolls, 35mm or 120-220.  

Scanning of Whole Rolls-Uncut Per Roll
Basic Scans 35mm or 120 from an uncut roll of film 11.00
Basic Scans 220 16.00
Basic Scans of Whole Rolls NOT freshly processed, 35mm or 120 13.00
For TIFF files instead of jpegs add an additional 25%  

* Archival Gold CD, add 5.00      *Moonphoto flash drive (16 GB, USB 3.0) $8.95 with scans, or $15 without scans


Short Film Strips and Individual Neg Scans- Cut Film

 Scans of Short Strips, Individual Negatives, or Slides 1st Strip Add’l Strips Per Neg Whole Strip
35mm strip, 3-6 frames, basic resolution with CD 11.00 3.00
120 size, up to 5 frames with CD 12.00 4.00
Individual Negative High Res Scans 35mm-120 (45-87 MB)  — 17.50 30.00
Individual Negative, transparency, or print scans-
  high res up to 500MB 
17.50 to 100.00
Slide scans, Basic 15 to 20 MB 10.00  10 slides or more ask for a quote   
Slide scans, High resolution      17.50 75.00 
Burn additional CD, or Archival Gold CD, add 5.00      


Proofing Services- From Digital Camera Files or from Film

•Standard Pro Proofing of whole rolls of film, or from all the digital files in a folder on a CD or flash drive. (minimum of 20 files). Prices are for proofs at time of film processing. 

These pro quality proofs are individually video analyzed, color and density corrected, and dust spotted. Our color paper is Kodak Professional Endura semi matte. Black and White is also printed on this paper, (not true B&W paper). Three border choices: Thin borders, sloppy black borders, or borderless.


35mm Professional Proofs

 Proof Sizes from 35mm Each     2nd Set     Film
 24 Prints  
 36 Prints  
For True B&W Film, Add 
4×6 Color or B&W (Digitally Printed) .50 .35 19.50 25.50 1.50
4×5 or 4×6 from Digital Camera Files .50 .35      
4×6 Color Deluxe Digital  .75 .40 23.10 30.90 1.50



120 Format Professional Proofs

These pro quality proofs are individually video analyzed, color and density corrected, and dust spotted. Our color paper is a Kodak Professional grade semi matte. Thin borders or border less.


From 6×6 (square) format Each 2nd set
(at time 
of processing)
Film +12 prints For True B&W Film Add 
5×5 Color – digitally printed .95 .49 18.90  
5×5 Color Deluxe or Sepia 1.25 .52 22.50 1.50


From 645 or 6×7 formats Each 2nd set
(at time
of processing)
Film + 10 Prints Film +15 prints
4×5 Color – Digitally Printed .95 .49 17.00 21.75